Monday, August 30, 2010

Pre-departure Thoughts

So, I've never created a blog before and I've never traveled outside of the continent.  This is going to be a very new experience all around. 

I just checked the baggage requirements last night.  It's hard to imagine living for the next 3 1/2 months with a total of 60-90 pounds of stuff.  I think when I moved out of my apartment at Purdue, each one of the 5 tubs I brought home weighed 50 pounds.  It makes me realize how many things that I probably own that I don't really need all that much.

The whole money thing is still needing some attention.  I am going to need quite a bit of money while abroad and I'm still not sure how it's going to get there.  If only there weren't thieves in the world.  It would be so nice to just carry a few thousand dollars in my pocket and deposit it into a bank account when I get there.

I'm still trying to say goodbye to all of my friends and family.  I spent my last weekend at Purdue before leaving and my wonderful roommates/friends threw me a going away cookout party.  This made me realize that I will lose my familiar support group that surrounds me while going to school.  It is hard to imagine those not so pleasant days without my friends there for me.  My family is even harder to leave behind. I helped to move my sister in for college last week and that is probably the last time I will see her until Christmas time.  I have a hard enough time leaving my little brother for a month, but 3 1/2 months is hard to imagine!  My parents are always there for me, but it's hard for them to be there when they are half a day's plane flight away.  My youngest sister will finish her soccer season without me being at any of her games.  My dogs will probably think that I'm not coming back this time.

It's funny to think that my dad is so worried that I will meet some Irish guy and never want to come home again.  All of these chick flicks have really gotten to him!  haha.  If I haven't met anyone even close to being the right guy for the past 21 years of my life, what makes him think that one will be there for me in Ireland?!  He also thinks I'm going to be murdered by the IRA.  I think my odds of being killed in Chicago vs. in Dublin are probably about even.  Once again, the television is getting to him.

Everyone tells me this is the opportunity of a lifetime and that it will be worth all of these sacrifices.  I'm inclined to believe them, but it's still hard to imagine a life so far from home.  It's a bit eerie to think that I only have 7 days left.  I'm still extremely excited to go, though.  I hope to keep all of you updated on my adventures and likely mishaps (I am very mishap prone).  Enjoy!