Tuesday, September 14, 2010

More pictures!

These pictures are proof that Ireland does have the occasional nice day!  haha.  I went sightseeing last Saturday with a few people that I had met through Megan's roommate.  Megan is from Purdue, like me.  Her roommate, Vanessa, is from Germany. She brought her friends along, too.  We had an excellent day of just walking around the streets of Dublin.  There is still much to see (we kept getting sidetracked from going to see the castle near where we were).  We have plenty of time to find the castles!

Trinity College was established in 1592!  It was very beautiful.  I want to go back sometime to visit the library that is as old as the college.  It is the largest library in Ireland.

We also did a little bit of shopping (mostly the window shopping type).  We did this on Henry Street where most of the city shops for clothes, food, electronics, and whatever else they need.  It's all on Henry Street.  People walk around with their carry-on bags with wheels in order to carry their purchases.  It sure takes a load off of your back and keeps your hands free since you can't just run and put your stuff in the car (what car?!).  There are very few places available for parking in the city centre anyways.

We finished the day with a McFlurry at McDonald's, reminding me that no matter how far you go, some things stay the same!  :)  

Church's Restaurant.  (An old converted church)  I ate here!

The road going into campus.  I thought it was pretty.

UCD's Centre for American Studies

The canal that runs near Dublin City Centre

This was hanging upside down from the ceiling at the Hard Rock Cafe!

There are even Hard Rock cafes in Dublin! 

Me inside the Trinity College Campus

Outside Trinity College.  It's a little sideways because I was walking when I took this picture.

A statue of the "famous" guy that owns the house (below)

This was a house of some famous guy (can't remember his name) that is located inside St. Stephen's Green

Vanessa on one of the rental bikes (3 euro per day)

The outside of the church.  It was right next to the first building that housed ucd, in which James Joyce studied.

I had to take this picture without flash.  This is the inside of the church we wondered into. It's a bit blurry because I couldn't use flash!  A wedding was going to happen here soon.

Megan and I at St. Stephen's Green

Megan and Vanessa at the fountain in St. Stephen's Green

A picture at the pond in the middle of the UCD campus

This is another picture of campus.  It's nice to have the covered walkway in the rain that is always hitting unexpectedly.

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