Friday, September 10, 2010

Well, I've spent a few days in Dublin and so far I'm having a great time!  I danced last night away at the student bar on campus and learned (sort of) how to dance to traditional Irish music.  It's odd that there's a bar (actually 2) run by the college.  Since the drinking age is lower here, you just have to show your college ID to get into the one on campus.

I found this place (while trying to find a cheap hairdryer) called Argoss!  It's great!  It's like Walmart without the food plus you don't have to search all over creation to find what you want.  You just pick it out of a catalogue and take it up to the register where you pay and then you pick up whatever you ordered.  My hairdryer only cost 5 euro.  I'm not sure about the Irish food so far because it's pretty bland.  That means something coming from me!  I had chips and salsa at a restaraunt and it was terrible!  Not spicy at all and sort of sweet. 

They do have some Mexican food here, but I'm afraid to try it after the chips and salsa. haha.  They call burritos "Mexican sandwich wraps" or something like that.  Hope you all like the pictures.  I'll try to get more pictures of the prettier sights in town, but this is what I have so far!
One of the many pubs throughout the city
Fish and Chips!
World's smallest bathroom complete with the world's smallest shower.  The part lower than the rest of the bathroom is the shower.
Aer Lingus.  The plane that brought us over!
All of the houses kind of look like this.  Guess what!  They pave most of their front yards!
Glenomena (where I live).
A product of Ireland's psychotic weather!
My street!
Native Americans in Ireland!  Ally should know that I can buy a dreamcatcher here after all!  lol
Argoss.  One of the coolest ideas ever!

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